AWESOME! You're About to Get FREE Training Treats

We're so sure that you're going to love these treats that we want to offer 25% OFF your next 3 bags!

Training your dog is easy but it takes dedication, time, and commitment. That's why we want to help dog owners even more by saving them time and money.

We know you're not going to stop training after one bag of treats so we are offering 25% OFF your next 3 bags.

You Don't NEED a Pro - You Do NEED Repetition

We are sorry to say it but the only way to truly have a well behaved dog is to put the time into training them.

Not just once or twice, for the rest of their amazing lives.

A professional will charge $1000s to help set the foundation.

We BELIEVE IN YOU and want to help you save time and money on your training journey.


Can I change flavors?

Absolutely and we encourage trying new flavors to find the best fit! Email anytime to change.

What comes in each delivery?

Each month you will get two bags of 10oz Belly Benefit training treats - flavors of your choice!

How many deliveries will I get?

Your subscription will have 1 free month and 3 paid months. After your 4th delivery you can stay connected as long as you want!